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DJHC database downloads


Re jet
3,000 4,500 8,500
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Notes on the file structure

The files are ordered per case, and subdivided into temperature, velocity, flue-gas and OH-PLIF data (Note: databases are still being expanded at the moment).

Velocity data is in .csv format. The columns contain: r [mm], U , V ,u'u' ,v'v' ,u'v' (all [m/s] and [m 2 /s 2 ]).

Temperature data is also in .csv format. The columns contain: r [mm], T [K] and rms(T) [K] along with fitting data( columns 4 and 5).

Flue gas data data is also in .csv format. The columns contain: r [mm], O2 vol % and measured CO and NO, at z=3 mm for the different cases..

OH-PLIF data is stored in CDF format. These contain an array with radial (X) -coordinates, axial (Y) -coordinates, mean OH-LIF signal and the rms of the OH-LIF signal. As the OH-PLIF data is not quantitative, the value has arbitrary units. Values were rescaled to values between 0 and 255 (unsigned integer, 8 bits).